Trailer Repositioning

Get the most out of your truck and your mileage by repositioning trailers on your way back from another run. Why drive home without getting paid? Eagle Transportation Logistics, LLC is highly specialized in connecting you to trailer owners that post both their delivery and their truck repositioning needs, allowing you to optimize every load that you carry.

Every load can be turned into an efficient use of your truck that reduces unpaid time and mileage.

If you are already being paid for a round-trip, this is a great opportunity to increase your revenue on the return trip.

There is plenty of demand for trailer repositioning for example:

  • Delivering new truck purchases
  • Moving dealer stock to another dealer location
  • New fleet acquisition
  • Trading equipment
  • Increase or decrease in fleet pool
  • Adjusting fleet pool based on seasonal demand
  • Accidents/breakdowns
  • Driver shortages
  • Bankruptcies/auctions/repossessions

Use your best asset to its fullest potential with Eagle Transportation / LKC Logistics trailer repositioning expertise.